Below you will find just some of the testimonials from our happy clients. If you'd like to get involved, click the link below to book in for an introductory session.
Fiona packs into each of her Pilates sessions thoughtful teaching and expert knowledge with individual care and masses of fun. Fiona varied the basic Pilates method from week to week with bespoke exercises. These helped me strengthen my lower back as well as giving me a motivating sense of progression. Inspiringly, Fiona invested in her own training, regularly updated her ‘tool kit’ with new approaches and specialisms. She also recommended other first-class professionals who complimented her work. Fiona is always putting you at the heart of her work – thinking and helping you gain and retain fitness, flexibility and functionality – so important, especially as we age! I would heartily recommend Fiona for newcomers as well as regulars.
fran (50s)
I started Pilates with Fiona following a period of injury where I began to worry that my body would never function properly again. I was 25 going on 65. However, working with Fiona twice a week was instrumental in getting my body back to a place I wasn’t sure was possible. As well as being a rigorous, professional and knowledgeable teacher, her classes were fun and varied and she was always a pleasure to be around even when I made her teach me at 6.30am! I wish I could continue to be taught by her and it is only distance that prevents me. Fiona has made me a Pilates evangelist - it really will change your life!
ariana (30s)
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Client NAme
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Client NAme



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